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Latest Results For 2017

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Beach Fixtures 2017


The Seabrook Sea Anglers Association was founded in 1936, and has just reached its 80th anniversary. Over these years the club has seen great achievements, collected many trophies and created a community of over 100 people who are all passionate about what they do. It seems appropriate at such a milestone to give credit to those who got us there. Firstly, a thank you to the trustees, who have contributed greatly to the local fishing community, especially in obtaining the Club Huts, which we would be at a loss without. Another thank you to the committee members, a group of hardworking people who deal with the everyday running of the club, and make sure everything goes smoothly at events. And finally, of course, a huge thank you to those of you who come to fish on the beach, on the boats, and all of our social members, you are the people who make this club what it is. Thank You.


What can we offer our members? For an Annual joining fee of only:

£20 Joint membership, £15 Adult, £5 Disabled & Snr Citizens and £5 Juniors.

You will not only meet new friends who share the same interests as you in the sport of sea angling but will teach you skills that may have been lost.


The club has a beach Secretary who organises 24 match dates that can be fished throughout the year culminating in a trophies/cup presentation night in the new year the beach holds 29 trophies in total that covers most results (Most species, Best specimen, Heaviest cod & Heaviest bass) and many more categories.


The club has two huts situated on Fisherman's Beach Hythe one being a club hut the other a winch hut from which we can launch and retrieve our members boats the club has two boat berths that can be rented for the year at a cost of £90.00 depending on availability a trailer rent of £40.00 a year this is from home storage to beach using club facilities. The club also has its own boat and engine available for members to use on a first come first serve basis minimum 3 maximum 4 persons on any trip matches are 5 hrs weather permitting and all must be fully paid up members.


17 cups are fished for by the Boat Section per year and 24 matches are on the fixture list organised by the clubs Boat Secretary all fish caught are on a point system so can be returned once registered or taken for the table.


Interested in becoming a member then please look on our website for details, click here for the membership form.


Alternately contact Micks Tackle on 01303 266334 for more information


Or the club Secretary on 01303 875384

Boat Match Fixtures 2016

The Beach Section meets to fish approximately twice a month, when we fish a leg of a cup match.
We have a total of twenty-five cups/trophies dating back to 1936 that have all been presented to the club by members, some who sadly are no longer with us.
The boat section came into being around 1958 and fishes twice a month (weather and tides permitting) and has 16 cups/trophies to compete for.
 We have between 8 and 10 members with boats, most being moored in Folkestone Harbour. The remainder launch from Fisherman's Beach at Hythe where we have a hut and launching facilities.
The club also owns its own boat which has just been refurbished and is now ready for use by our members

New Club Boat

The club has purchased a new club boat named Isis for its members use. Our new boat is larger than our previous. We have purchased this boat to ensure the future of our boat section can be sustained and members can safely enjoy their fishing in good numbers from boat and beach, any member wishing to use the club boat please contact the boat secretary for further information.

Club Charter
The object of the Club is to obtain greater facilities for the amateur sport of sea angling, to further social intercourse amongst members and to provide advancements for sea angling. Our aim is to increase the importance of Seabrook as a fishing resort for sea anglers and to encourage community participation in the sport, actively supporting and implementing conservation measures and to promote the protection of all local fish stocks for the future generations of local anglers to the good of the sport.

SSAA Handbook

 Seabrook Sea Anglers Association also known as Seabrook SAA was founded in 1936, we are a friendly club with approximately 100 members. The club has a beach section and a boat section and all members are encouraged to fish both sections when possible. We welcome both beginners and experienced anglers alike to join the club.
We have some prominent sea anglers in the club who are always willing to help beginners. This makes for a healthy club and all members can enjoy their fishing more.

For Sea Angling Matches and Competitions - Angling Trust Recommended Retention Sizes

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