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 Seabrook Open 2016 Results


Overall Positions

1st Ian Renyolds – 1.090kg

2nd Tom Wells – 1.040kg

3rd Cieron Bull – 0.920kg


Zone 1

1st Cieron Bull – 0.920kg

2nd Neil Marsh- 0.520kg


Zone 2

1st Tom Wells – 1.040kg

2nd Craig Buy – 0.870kg


Zone 3

1st Ian Renyolds – 1.090kg

2nd Tony Methven – 0.730kg



Heaviest Fish – Tom Wells – 1.040kg

Most no. Fish – Tony Methven – 4 Fish


Seabrook SAA Plaice Open 2015 Results

Overall Top 3 Placings
1st Kevin Scott 4 Plaice 132cm
2nd Tim Fagg 2 Plaice
3rd Richard Burt 2 Plaice

Zone 1
1st M Wilkes
2nd Joe Plumstead
3rd Jason White

Zone 2
1st Kevin Scott
2nd Tim Fagg
3rd Richard Burt

Longest Plaice - Kevin Scott 40cm
Most No. Plaice - Kevin Scott 4 Plaice

Kevin Scott - Plaice Open 2015 Winner

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